Safe Home, Smart Parties

Safe Homes, Smart Parties

This program is designed to help us keep our teenagers safer. The Safe Homes, Smart Parties program is a simple idea that helps parents to stay on the same page and better communicate with one another.

By joining Safe Homes, Smart Parties, parents pledge to provide safe drug- and alcohol-free environments for their teenagers to socialize. Once you take the pledge, you get access to a database of all people who have signed up so that you can communicate with each other and find Safe Homes for your children to socialize in.


As parents of adolescents we all need to keep our children safe from the consequences of underage alcohol and drug use. Our youth survey shows that a significant place that children are getting intoxicated is in their homes or the homes of their peers. 

By joining Safe Homes, Smart Parties, parents pledge to provide safe drug- and alcohol-free environments for teenagers to socialize. When adults stick together, it goes a long way toward protecting our kids. By taking a public stand, you will be showing your concern for the health and safety of the children in our community. 

A list of participating parents will be developed and shared on a password protected page here on our website. Only participants will have access to this information. This will afford you the chance to identify and email a parent to ensure they are aware of the gathering planned in their home, that it will be supervised, and that it will be drug- and alcohol-free.


  • I will not serve alcohol or drugs to other people's children in my house.
  • I will safeguard alcohol and prescription medication in my home.
  • I will not, knowingly, allow parties in my home that are not appropriately supervised.
  • I will allow other parents to contact me by email if they have any questions or to confirm that the event will be safe and supervised.
Parents choose how much information they would like to share including names, children, grades, parent's email, phone and address. Please keep in mind the information you provide is optional but the more you provide the easier it will be for other parents to get in touch with you to ensure their child is safe. 

Once you submit your pledge it is combined with other parents in a database at The information will be posted on a password protected section of the website. The password will be sent to all participating parents and to no one else.New Paragraph


Your child is going to a party at a classmate's home:
  • Look the family up at
  • Use your password to enter the Safe Homes Directory.
  • Send the host family an email to confirm that the party will be supervised and that no drugs or alcohol will be allowed.
If all is satisfactory, thank the host family and let them know you are available if there is a problem.

Relax and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your child is safe for the night!
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