The Hidden Costs of Marijuana Legalization

Despite popularity in the news and in our culture, marijuana legalization has many hidden costs to children, families, and communities. In the states where recreational marijuana is now legal, there has been an increase in both expenses and in lives and livelihood.

There have been dramatic spikes in teen marijuana use, traffic fatalities, and pediatric hospital emergencies as well as increases in expenses to many industries, including law enforcement, emergency response, and in existing business places.

We've included links to resources to help you understand some of the true costs that are still in the process of being understood in states where recreational marijuana is now legal.

Lessons Learned After 4 Years of Marijuana Legalization (PDF)
SAM: Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Unintentional Pediatric Exposures to Marijuana in Colorado, 2009 - 2015; Abstract

Colorado's Legalization of Marijuana and the Impact on Public Safety: A Practical Guide (PDF)
The Police Foundation and the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police