Marijuana 15-18

Talk Early, Talk Often - Marijuana

Talking With Your Children About Marijuana

15-17 Year Olds

  • Don’t lecture. Reinforce facts about harmful consequences of marijuana use. Studies show negative effects on drivers—impaired judgement, loss of motor coordination and reaction time. Using marijuana, just like any other drug, can lead to addiction.
  • Remind your teen that underage marijuana use can change the structure and function of their brain, which continues to develop until their mid 20s.
  • Discuss how marijuana use can affect the future. Heavy use by teens is linked to lower grades and increases high school/college drop-out rates. Marijuana users cannot pass workplace drug tests.
  • Use news reports, references in music, or marijuana use in TV/movies as discussion openers.
  • Compliment teens on the things they do well and for positive choices they make. Talk to teens about sources of stress in their lives and healthy ways to manage stress. Talk about what they should do if they are concerned about a friend.

Information adapted from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.
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