Talk Early, Talk Often - Marijuana

Talking With Your Children About Marijuana


With states legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana, it is becoming more mainstream. There are even new ways of to use marijuana such as edibles, vaporizers and concentrates. 

This shifting landscape doesn’t change the fact that all mind-altering substances — including marijuana — are harmful for the developing brain. Today’s marijuana is 3-4 times more potent than in the 1980’s. It is more important than ever for families to talk about marijuana early and often.

As different age groups require different information, here are some talking points for discussion with children of all ages. You are the biggest influence on whether your child will use alcohol or other drugs. Research shows that children are likely to model their parents’ behavior — both healthy and unhealthy.
Preschool to 8 Years Old 9 to 14 Years Old 15 to 17 Years Old

Information adapted from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.
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