Search Institute's Developmental Assets


The more assets a young person has the more likely they are toAVOIDdrugs, alcohol and other risk taking behaviors. 

What are Developmental Assets?

Assets are the 40 research-based building blocks that young people need to develop healthy, productive lives. By strengthening these assets,
we build a stronger, more successful community. We have identified five key assets that we are working on in Stratford:
SUPPORT | Positive Family Communication - Young people and their parent/s communicate positively, and young people are willing to seek advice and counsel from parents.
SUPPORT | Caring School Climate - School provides a caring, encouraging environment.
EMPOWER | Youth as Resources - Young people are given useful roles in the community.
BOUNDARIES & EXPECTATIONS | Adult Role Models - Parent/s and other adults model positive, responsible behavior.
BOUNDARIES & EXPECTATIONS | Positive Peer Influence - Young person's best friends model responsible behavior.
There are 40 developmental assets in all, that have been identified by The Search Institute.

Building Assets is Easy


It's simple, and most likely you ALREADY do it. It's as easy as saying hello to a child or teen by name, asking what was the best part of their day, and encourage young people to voice their opinions.  

Adults may not realize how important they can be in the lives of young people. The truth is that most young people are transformed by the seemingly small things adults do each day. These efforts may appear to be "no big deal"; but small actions and simple words have a tremendous payoff. 

The more assets a young person has the more likely they are to avoid drugs, alcohol and risky behaviors. 

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